5- Likketysplit

Part 5 in the Series God-the Love Story Autumn

I felt very different as I descended the boulder, almost looking forward to the challenge of the pebbles. The spirit of Noah was with me, I could tell. When my left foot landed back on the pebble path I looked up to the heavens to tell God for the millionth time how much I love Him.

So enrapt was I, trying to think of new expressions of worship that I was about an hundred yards away from the boulder before I realized that I had been walking on the pebbles again.

That’s when I knew it was time to think about the commands. I remembered my own father often asked, ‘How can you say you love me when you don’t obey me?’ I used to think he said that just to coerce me into doing what he wanted me to do, things I hated such as eating dandelion greens with lemon or hugging my mean sister. I didn’t understand love then as I do now.

I now know that the commands, I mean obeying them aren’t meant to cause me displeasure or even discomfort; they are meant to destroy me.

God taught me that true loves involves a little murder and a little suicide. It is cooperative annihilation, like dying on a cross that someone else nailed you too, but you let him. Anything less than true love is only passion, or fantasy, or infatuation: all that dissolvable stuff, all that mortal stuff.

I want God to know that I truly love Him and want to be immortal like Him so while walking to Christmas I tried to think about the commands that I rather want to ignore.

I admit that from time to time my feet hurt, even to the point that my knees would buckle. But instead of giving in to the pain this time, I used it as a signal to tell God another reason He was awesome.

My big problem wasn’t sore feet anymore; it was that I didn’t remember all the commands. I needed fairy-help (again.) “Uh, Tinkerbelle are you here?” Poof, she and her two sisters appeared instantly.

“Yes dearie, we are here. What do you need?”

“Do you know the commands?”

“We know someone who does!” the littlest fairy said with mischief in her voice.

Suddenly I saw a most interesting sight. Tinkerbelle reached behind her wing and pulled out a tiny little whistle which she proceeded to blow as hard a she could, only I heard no sound at all. Yet, a small man, maybe he was a leprechaun, materialized in front of my eyes. He was dressed like Napoleon or Captain Blye, I’m not quite sure which, but he looked very much like a tiny commander. I tried hard not laugh at him. He was so cute! He had fine wavy brown hair that peaked out from under his commander’s hat. He was very solid, surprisingly solid since he had just materialized, but he was not fat or thin, although who could tell with all those pleats in his costume.

“Dearie” exclaimed proud Tinkerbelle, “I want you to meet the commander. He will walk with you for a while and teach you the commandments. Whatever you do, don’t argue with him!”

I have no idea what made her think I would argue with him, but instead of attempting to correct my reputation, I simply replied that I would never think of arguing with such person. Before I could finish Tinkerbelle and her two sisters flew away leaving me with this strange little commander.

6- Commander Lightfoot

Part 6 in the series God The Love Story-Autumn

Alone together the commander looked at me with his sparkling blue eyes and a grin that took over his face.  In a warm baritone voice he opened with, “Shall we begin? Would you rather walk or sit?”

“Um, do you mind if we keep walking,” I replied, “I don’t want to be late for Christmas?”

“Neither do I.” he agreed.  With a little skip in his step to keep up with my longer legs, the commander went on to say that I had placed him in an interesting predicament since most of the commands are from Jesus who will be born on Christmas Day which waits for us at the end of the road.

“I am not worried about that,” I said, “because God always comes to us from the future. For just this once, you and I can go to the infant Jesus already knowing what He will tell us when he matures!”

 “Good thinking! I’m going to like you! Now let’s begin.” Then his tone changed dramatically. He started to speak slowly and with much conviction, “Pay close attention. Just as every tree if it is to endure must have strong roots that reach deep into the earth to withstand the winds and earth’s heaving movements, even violent earthquakes, likewise, the aspiring immortal must be rooted in obedience to the commands for the soul to endure the tumult of the first life and the transition to the new earth.”

Before I could speak, the commander grabbed the space of his own pause and added, “To become united to The Immortal God, you must first know what He is like, which you can by knowing what He likes…which He clearly tells you by His commands!”

When I was sure it was my turn to speak, I asked whether my conscience instinctively knows these commands, which would explain why I should listen for my conscience?”

“No.” he replied, “Like a new laptop, the conscience comes with certain basics but you must install the commands.” I was surprised that this archaic little man knew what a laptop was. At this point I figured that I was ready to challenge him.

“My sister said that faith, and mercy, and grace all override the need to obey the commands.”

“Absurd!” I could tell that I struck a bad chord when his face turned angry red. ” Daily, millions of people pray ‘Thy Will be done’, and within an hour they violate God’s will. They are either grossly ignorant of the commands or… the commander paused to regain his composure. Under his breath I heard him say to himself, ‘Make and maintain peace’.

I quietly gave him all the time he needed. Finally, he spoke to me again. “Or like your sister,  they believe that God’s mercy is permission. If your sister thinks that Jesus gave you license to neglect his commands, why would He say, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.’ Too many people want to walk on the highway to Christmas who won’t accept the suicide of self discipline that Christmas ultimately calls us to.”

My feet started to hurt but I tried not to let it show. The problem was that I couldn’t think about what he was saying and praise God to keep from feeling the pain all at the same time.

“Can we sit for a minute?” I asked and collapsed without waiting for his reply. The commander collapsed with me. Once we settled in comfortable positions, I asked him whether God loved me enough to let me be myself.

I was surprised how calmly the commander took this question, he merely lowered his head and said, “The person who has my commands and keeps them is the one who really loves Me, and whoever really loves Me will be loved by My Father. And I will love him and will reveal Myself to him.” I sensed that the commander was starting to get impatient with me when he got up and walked on alone leaving me sitting on the hard lumpy pebbles.