4- All One

 Part 4 of the series – God, the Love Story-Autumn

Noah left me with good advice about how to walk to Christmas without feeling the pain of the pebbles. He said that I need to overcome corruption and mortality. To do this I must:  1. Listen to my conscience, 2. Obey the commands, and 3. Achieve spiritual sight.

I sat on the boulder pondering all that while the three fairies hovered around me. With them representing my conscience, I felt ready for the next step, to obey the commands.

While trying to recall the commands I watched the littlest fairy flutter over to my face. “You aren’t ready for the commands; there is something you should know first.”

 “What is that I asked,” a little relieved by the distraction.

 “Why do you suppose Noah came to you?”

 “I guess he felt sorry for me and wanted to relieve my pain.”

“Nope; there are billions of people in pain; he went to none of them. Noah saw that you are alone and that’s why he came to you.”

“Noah teaches aspiring immortals like you not to absorb the violence and corruption of the world. The way those pebbles tormented you proves that you are easily attached to pain. Separate yourself even more. You are alone but not alone enough, let go to be able to listen.”

By now I wondered how I could be even more alone. My thoughts drifted back to Noah and how he managed. All those around him had corrupted the image of God that they had been created to reflect. They were violent. Noah did not argue with them but instead listened for God’s commands to him and he always obeyed. He was right to ignore the others. That’s probably why God called him righteous!

Not alone enough. What could that mean?

The Tinkerbelle fairy read my mind and flew towards me from the olive tree to say, “God is one.”

“Huh?” I replied. She was clearly not my conscience, but more like my teacher.

“God is one.” Tinkerbelle repeated. “Noah was not alone, truly alone and able to hear God’s commands through his conscience until Noah too was all one, I mean only with the one God. Do you understand yet?” she said with a wink and a smile and then added, “Not only, not lonely, not double minded or fractious but all one…completely alone.”

Tinkerbelle’s words finally penetrated and took root. While travelling the desolate rocky road to Christmas my focus on pain and pebbles was misplaced. Even though there were no other people as far as my eye could see, the place was crowded so long as I became distracted from, separated from, the God that Christmas brings to the body. With that thought my feet tingled.

I stood up on the boulder and looked around at the clear blue sky and broad road below. Suddenly, from the area around my heart I heard a resounding voice bellow, “Go forth and build an ark!” I laughed. God surely has a sense of humor and then I fearlessly descended the rock to continue my journey to Christmas.