Hello World

Dear World,

I’m back! It seems like I’ve only been gone for fifteen minutes, but that’s silly because where I went there was no time at all. It was wonderful! Leaving this time zone really helps put a perspective on current events. If I allowed myself to watch TV at all it was only movies that took place in the nineteen-thirties or forties or nature documentaries. So one day, when they talked about Leviathan at a church service I had just watched a program about schools of fish and the whole underwater world. It was a terrific coincidence.  I finished reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin which plopped me into the 1850s and Twain’s Joan of Arc which plopped me into the fifteenth century. From those books, I learned that as bad as the news is today and as excited and hysterical as people get about it, outrages are simply quid pro quo!

World, sorry about this, but you always have been a mess and I suppose you always will be. When one thing gets better, something else falls apart. Too bad! So, if you don’t mind, I will stay in you as I must because I have a mission to accomplish, but now I can see more clearly just what Jesus meant when He cautioned us not to be of you.

My new year’s resolution is that I will not let your news people and other semi-ignorant and deceived audiences pull me into their wars, fears, and hatreds. I think you all did fine without me and I think that if this is the way you want to run your life, well… I feel sorry for you.

Fortunately for me and my other aspiring immortal friends, we live in two countries at the same time. In my homeland, every last person has the best healthcare, is wealthy, can receive an excellent education, and is 100% protected from enemies! What more could a soul ask for?  Our King (no elections to fret about) is honest, dependable, and very intelligent. To know Him is to love Him. You are so different from each other, but I know that you get glimpses of my homeland and don’t seem to be too impressed. Too bad.

World, don’t worry about losing me entirely just yet, because I love my family and my friends so much, and they live in your countries. Even if I didn’t have a mission at all, I’d want to stay here for as long as I can, to be with them. I want to teach them about my homeland and hope that they can come live with me there forever.

Just writing to let you know that I am back. Keep in touch, but don’t get too close, you’re infectious and I don’t want to get sick.