10.l Locating Evangeline

How do you like that? No sooner do I write all about the value of discipline then I fall right off my horse and skip TWO Sunday posts!

For my faithful and most beloved readers, I have an apology, an explanation, and an offer.

Please forgive me, I want to find that part in the Bible where God turned back time for the prophet. It was amazing and I read that scientists showed that it really happened. If God would turn back time to proove that He is able to, then I wonder if He will do it again so I can have a little more time to do all that I am trying to squeeze into this beautiful life of mine. I sometimes feel as if I am racing with a moving train.

Okay, that was the apology, a little weak and pathetic but from the heart because I really am sorry.

The explanation is that I wanted to give a few very special people a gift, and decided to turn My Summer Vacation series into a little book. That meant going into inDesign and doing something I had never done before. So the wee hours of the morning, usually devoted to you, were instead spent with learning and formatting, and most recently with dealing with a printer. This has taken a lot of time, but it has been a labor of love and fun.

Now the offer. If you would like to buy a copy of this booklet, you can. Since I am in a time crunch I could only make a magazine, not a hard back book. And it had to be a specific size. But it has turned out very good... another reason to be happy! I named it A Visit to Heaven, because it isn't summer anymore, but it is the same series. To get the book, send me an email Life@evangelinehopkins.com and I will tell you the rest. I will charge my cost which is $15.

gtg now!

Hope to have the most inspirational message ever, this coming Sunday (but don't count on it!)

Your friend,