4. There

Part 4 in the series, My Summer Vacation 2010

God made nature. The naked eye sees in the created world infinite variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes in living and non living elements that form grand designs ranging from simple to unfathomable: oceans and ponds, mountains and plains, phases of the moon, meteor showers and constellations aplenty. Beyond what we see is an invisible world of sounds and spirits, electrons and protons. Sheer reason renders the conclusion that there is even more.

There is a real place where human beings that voluntarily became the children of God continue to live forever.

There is where Juan Diego took me on vacation. I will return there someday to live until the rest of forever; and there you may live too.

Since we sat in the front of the plane, Juan Diego and I were the first to get out after thanking the stewards and Elijah who emerged from his cockpit.  

When my foot first touched the ground I felt lighter and cleaner than ever. I saw before me a meadow of lush green grass with swaths of wildflowers as if carefully planted to caste a rainbow of colors. I also saw butterflies, bees, and bright blue birds fluttering about. I saw no sun and yet every tree rested in spring morning brightness. Juan Diego was still to let me absorb the splendor of it all before gently taking my hand and walking me down a path.

“Jesus wants to see you; we mustn’t keep Him waiting.”

“Haaah!” a tingling feeling like a trickle of electricity surged through my entire body. “HE wants to see me?” No answer.

When we reached the peak of a hill, I saw a stately village and people dressed in loose white clothing walking around in a purposeful way. Juan Diego was still silent and I was glad for that. We eventually approached an elegant home built with white marble and glass. I remember being a little surprised not to see any guards or a fence. We merely walked up to it and knocked at the grand door that was soon opened by a handsome young black man also wearing white.

“Please come in; our Lord is expecting you.” He led us into a paneled room with a vaulted ceiling. Through a large window I recognized the meadow we had just crossed. No one else was in the room. The man asked us to sit and offered me a drink which I accepted. Another servant entered with viccino which is a spoon of cherry preserve in a glass of cold water. My grandmother used to serve this to special guests.

Nervousness shook me to the core.  Dear God, please help me.  Silence.

Jesus the Christ entered the room alone. He looked to be in his thirties, muscular, beautiful, and alert. He approached me with great warmth and as if he knew that I had been waiting my whole life to hug Him, He embraced me. The surge of energy I felt at that moment could have powered a small city. I am afraid that my tears wet His clothes. He didn’t let go until I started to.

Once apart, I lowered my head and said, “thank You.”

Without any more introduction, He went straight to the point, “I fear that people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandment of men. Many will say to me some day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'Then I will have to tell them plainly, 'I never knew you.’ They forsake our relationship for everything and anything else. Prayer and fasting, they neglect, I hear very few confessions. Yet, I don’t want to lose them.

I answered, “I am your servant. Where are we?”

“This is the second reality. Here we wait for the culmination of this age.”

“Oh, yes, I remember.” I replied, “The earth will suffer tribulations. I have heard of many. After the tribulations the sun and moon will not give light; the stars will fall from heaven. I read that; then all the tribes of the earth will see You coming in the clouds with power and great glory to gather the elect from earth and from…here? Then there will be the Great Judgment and the first heaven and earth will pass away, and a new one will take its place where we will live forever and a day.”

“You remember well. Until then, this dual universe of heaven and earth is where souls are born and choose between life and death and here is where the immortals live and wait for the new earth. I have granted you this brief visit to heaven to encourage and guide you. You still have much to learn. Live as if you are here. I sent for you to teach you how.”

“Lord, who can believe me that I came here?”

“I am not sending you to everyone, but to the sleeping sheep; wake them up. Do this for Me. When we meet again, you may stay. Farewell.”

With a wink and a smile, but not another word, or another hug, Jesus turned and walked out of the room. The black servant quickly moved into the space that Christ vacated, and said, “Fret not, the others will tell you what to do. Juan Diego move-on!"