New Age Gifts

It is only Christmas Eve and already I have received two bizarre gifts. Well, let me put it this way, my feet think the gifts are bizarre. My heart finds them full of wonder, and that is exactly what I have been doing with these gifts ever since I received them. Wondering and wondering.

Before I write the next lines about the bizarre gifts I want to remind you of the time when Jesus was being arrested and Peter whipped out his sword and cut off an abductor-man’s ear. Peter thought it was right to try to prevent the abduction. Peter was thinking with his feet. Jesus fixed the ear right away and chided Peter. He was thinking with the heart of an immortal.

The first gift my heart received was the sudden disappearance of a man that I considered to be the most interesting and enjoyable person to talk with that I know. He was also a loyal friend. Rob woke up on the 11th of December, five months to the minute after he began his 63rd year on this old earth and then suddenly separated from his body. He sent his body to Georgetown University hospital for scientists to play with and began his journey. One reason that Rob’s disappearance was a gift for me was because he has been visiting me a lot more than he ever did when he could use the phone or email. I asked him the other day what he would have done if he was given at least one whole day to get ready to go. We both laughed when he said he would have called me to say good-by because we know that’s not true. But it was a nice thing to say so I knew it came from Rob. Besides hearing from Rob more than ever, I am grateful for how close he has made the land of immortality appear. This sudden new vision of old embodied life reminds me of last summer when I was traveling so much and the world kept changing with every blink of the eye. I’m pretty sure that this gift of awareness came from Rob’s new invisible world, and that I will play with it for a very long time.

The second gift may have been from my Boss. It is so good to know that like me, He gets all excited when He has a good gift to bestow. I could feel His joy. Every year my Mother sends me to confession and every year I whip out my book, the Mark, to measure myself against all of the commands of Jesus. Only this year I was given a vision. I was told to imagine that I was about to go to the dreaded judgment seat of Christ where everything I ever said or did or even thought was going to be used against me. Only this time, I was given an opportunity to confess before the trial. Whatever I accused myself of, if I was truly sorry, could not be used to destroy me. WOW! What a wonderful gift. I cried over it.

There was one more gift, not a bizarre one fortunately; it was a huge white one that came via Mother Nature. For Christmas this year I drove up north. The drive took 18 hours. The roads were clear and dry and everything went very smoothly. Only after I was all snuggled in my wooden cocoon, a big snowstorm came and covered everything including my tracks. I awoke in a white world, just the way I like it.

Tomorrow is Christmas day; I hope and pray that the people I gave gifts to like them as much as I like mine. I am so happy that during this one month of the year Christians are allowed to come out of their closets and sing a lot. I hope you will be singing all day long, even with silent song.

Merry Christmas my aspiring immortal friend.