9.5 Morning in the Land of Immortality

Good morning aspiring immortal. I hope your day started well. Mine started at 4 am when out of a deep dreamy sleep I heard my very old dog chirping incessantly like a broken machine. That meant she wanted attention. But I figured it meant God wanted me to wake up and write to you.

Today, I will be brief. When we go to a land where there will be no end of time, it will be easier to live in the moment. That's because it will be harder to imagine eternity; no expectations. Without realizing it, just like a freshly turned-on computer resets itself, so do our brains. When our dreamy eyes open, our brain reminds us of who we are, how old we are, how healthy we are and if we are happy based on certain expectations of the future. Almost instantly we set ourselves up for failure.

Since none of us knows when this life will be taken away, like those poor earthquake victims in China or those whom the cyclone or the recent tornados hit, then we almost always reset to a wrong assumption because our calculation includes many things about the future that we don't know. This is especially true if our happiness is based on circumstances.

Whether we wake up on old earth or the new immortal earth, we deal with time best when we reset to here and now. Practice conquering the moment, tell God how much you love Him, forgive everyone who needs it, and take a deep breath of fresh air. There is nothing to fret about in this moment of pure life. Today's daily bread is a peaceful heart.