5. The Easter-n Echo

Today the Eastern Sister celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ loudly. Lent is finished. Mother has painted the crucifixion Story with small fine strokes and golden light-filled hues, dipping her brush into the well of prophets and angels. The door to immortality has been opened to humanity.

I promised to pass around the gems that I collected on the Lenten shore. I won’t dump my pockets like they were sandy seashells. Instead, I’ll take one out at a time and polish it up before I pass it on, okay?

When you receive it feel free to lick it and rub it on your chest to see if it glows for you. Then, pass it on.

But you must first wash your hands. Gems are easily sullied by the grunge of the world and human body oils of unwashed hands. Here is a little linen cloth to place the gem on that you will receive. Keep the cloth for the next gem.

Your immortal soul is easily deceived by the cares of the world and the pride of life. Whatever separates you from love separates you from life. LOVE is the linen cloth.

Gem Number One:

The world says that you are known by the company you keep. How then did Judas, who hung out with Disciples, and hear every word that came out of the golden mouth of the golden man----Christ, become so treacherous? And also, how did the robber who was crucified beside Christ, who hung out with demons inside and out end up becoming the first to land on the heavenly moon?

A man is not known by the company (s)he keeps, but by the kind of spirit (s)he entertains in his or her heart.