10. May You Rise Too

I have been blog-quiet for the past few Lenten weeks because it has been a time of drinking the nectar of the Saints and of the Church. I will return to share with you, my readers, the gems that I found on the long Lenten shore as described in an earlier blog. It has been quite an interesting journey. For today, Holy Friday in the East, I want simply to wish you peace and joy in this life as well as the grace and the ability to make it to the finish line. More than ever, I am aware of how much of a testing ground, a training camp this planet is for aspiring God-like humans. Our real immortal world will be so much the better for it.

Psychologists should learn from the theologians, and you may want to as well. Books like the Philokalia and John Climacas' Ladder of Divine Ascent penetrate the soul and the psyche to help us shed the mud that would cling to our feet, pile up and eventually suffocate us.

Thanking God for extinguishing death, and you for coming to visit me here.

Peace (it's almost over.)