5 The Little Problem of Evil

Eve and I are still in the sleep state to Eden. Waking up every morning in the world is inevitable, but waking up to Eden is not. To wake up from this dream God needs to shake us, and maybe even pour water on our faces.

In this dream state evil is rampant. People hurt each other; there is painful poverty and frightening disease. Natural disasters shock and horrify us. You know that, but what you may not know is that evil in every form is nothing more than the effect of separation from God who is Good, the only Good. Even Jesus didn’t want people to call Him good, because He said that only His Father in heaven is Good. 

Most of us are pretty comfortable living apart from God, even in church, even when we read books and blogs about Him. We don’t even know what it means to live apart from God, because we don’t know what it is like to be with Him. We have never experienced that and so we breathe in this world surrounded by evil and cry, complain, and criticize. Evil enters our hearts when we do that, because we are eating the knowledge of its fruit, and we sink further into sleep.

Eve knows the difference between living with God and living apart from Him. That’s why I want to stay close to her. I hear her weeping quietly, “Eve, what’s wrong?”

“I want to go back to be with God again so badly it hurts sometimes. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

It was then that it occurred to me to wake up by concentrating on how much I love Him.  The spirit-muscle that starts to bulge from the exercise of fasting, and obeying the commands just might come in handy to combat evil thoughts and even thoughts about evil.  See evil, and run, or ignore it, or use your life-force to rub it out. But to be with God, never eat the fruit of the knowledge of evil. It is poison.

Remember those little monkeys, See-no-Evil, Hear-no-Evil, and Speak-no-Evil. I’ll bet they wake up in Eden before we do!