The United State of Christ

Yesterday I landed on a branch. After flying through the air listening for God, and imagining how I was in Him and He in me all at the same time I took this flesh and these bones to a place where I didn’t have to use any imagination at all, to know what it feels like to be in Christ and He in me.  Some people call it the gathering place, the Greeks do that.

In my book, The Immortal Life, I call it a spaceship embassy come to earth where aspiring immortals can gather to be energized. We English speakers know this place as the Church, or rather as church. In there I wondered how I could have said that I didn’t know what it feels like to be in Christ and have Him alive in me.

The Church offers everything these bodies and souls of ours need to be fully aware of life in Christ. A difference, a big sad difference between human life and divine life is that God is unaffected by the power of time to alter and to distract, and for us time is a thief of awareness, of love, of revelations. Time steals everything it can get its sticky hands-of-the-clock on except whatever we can squirrel away in our flimsy bags of memory. God is pure and solid and unchanging and humans are like spinning tops, veins of gold in dirt, or maybe just like plaid. God is the real solid chocolate bunny and we are the hollow ones. Our stronger than steel willed God never ever changes! How did Christ maintain Godliness in this dress of flesh and with the strange, unholy element of time? I really want to know!

Back to the branch.

Inside my timeless church this human shell is scrubbed and hugged and hugs back. It is injected with divinity, surrounded by purity, bathed in glorious Words. We’re there, physically in Christ and we can feel it as much as we want, with aromas, songs, and hugs from fellow aspirers.  In the gathering place we are infused with the sensation of unity with God when we surrender to the power of the place and leave time and the world outside. The more often we can be in the embassy of Kingdom Come, the more we can imprint our minds and souls with awareness of the united state of Christ. That’s another reason I love and need Lent. During the rest of the year, a grand canyon of sticky time lies between Sunday and Sunday that I keep falling into!

Ah Holy Week! Can I bring my pillow and blanket? I promise to be quiet!