Happy Mother's Day to the Bride

The best mother in the world is invisible. Her children are born, not by blood, nor by the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. The Mother of God's sons and daughters, I.e. you and I, receive from Her as much or as little as we want of Her guidance and nurturing. We receive the antidote for sin and death, and other sacred sacraments. She gives us a home in which to be together, to worship God and to love each other as a family.

Mother's Day is not in the Bride's year. Her focus is outward, not on herself, but like the visible moms She should be acknowledged for her tireless service to us, and to God.

Moms are often taken for granted, and this mom is no different. Imagine a world, imagine a town with no churches at all. Where would we go to celebrate, to be together, to refresh our souls? A town without a church would be like an orphan child, hollow and melancholy. For many of us She is the only mom we have on earth.

Why not begin this Mother's Day, by visiting the Bride of Christ, the Church, our invisible Mother. Let's let Her know how much we appreciate Her love and guidance. Let's give Her something nice, or do something special for Her. Let's receive her phenomenal gift of the Eucharist.

I'll bet it would please Her and our Father who art in heaven very much to know that we visited Mom this Sunday to thank Her for everything.

To all the bio-moms, spiritual mother's, acting-mothers, and to the Mother of a God too, Thank-You for loving so well. You truly are the salt of the earth.