The First Transfiguration

The story goes that one day Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph, climbed a nearby mountain called Tabor and he took three men from his troop with him. When they reached the top of the mountain they saw their friend Jesus lit up as if he had just eaten the sun. If that wasn’t alarming enough, suddenly ancient Moses and ancient Elijah appeared, and before the terrified friends could pinch themselves a loud voice came from a cloud that bellowed, “This is my Son in Whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.” So they fell flat on their faces until their hearts stopped racing.

Mortals don’t believe this story and aspiring immortals just love the idea that immortality visited old planet earth at least once a couple of thousand years ago. For a split second we can imagine what real life will be like when time doesn’t matter anymore. Moses and Elijah appeared to remind Jesus that he too was immortal. And then the never-visible God came to also remind Jesus that he was immortal and beloved. So when in the near future he would have to leave his body behind, it wouldn’t really kill him.

You don’t have to believe this story because it didn’t happen to you. But it helps to know that just maybe one day a long time ago a few immortals got together on this old earth. It makes you wonder how often it has happened without being written for all the world to read. Time and blood are not as essential as some people think, are they? As one aspiring immortal to another, my wish for you today is that your transfiguration is less spectacular and more lasting. And that in your heart you too can hear God say that you are his child and He loves you.

Have a wonderful day!