The Outside-In Christmas

The Tree

The tree of Life planted in the garden, to be the antidote for the poison apple, is an evergreen. (Genesis 3:22) Perhaps now we can eat of it and live forever. But where is its fruit?

The Lights

Twinkling lights fill our tree to remind us that “the people who sat [walked] in darkness have seen a great Light, (Matthew 4:16) and for those who sat [dwelt] in the land [of intense darkness] and shadow of death Light has dawned." [Isaiah 9:2]


"The true Light, which enlightens everyone, is coming into the world." (John 1:9). It’s more than beautiful.

The Balls

Shiny reflective balls and satin ones too hang on our tree. Let’s eat this fruit with our eyes and fill our hearts with the joy of Life.

The Ornaments

Little people, birds, angels, and all kinds of things hang on our evergreen tree limbs. We hang samples of the whole wide world on our tree because it is this world that is being illuminated with the Light. Hallelujah!

Do you add tinsel for sparkling rain, or ribbons of popcorn or satin to dance around your tree of light and life?

The Star

We stretch to place that star on top of the tree because it is the star that guided the wise men to the infant King. Here it is, landed at its destination, and here it rests forever. Mission accomplished!

The Gifts

Hidden inside pretty packages, that are as much a mystery as the mystery of Christ Himself, we discover the joy, or comfort, or relief from need that good gifts bring.

The gifts we give each other send a message of love. They say, “In this moment of giving and receiving we connect to each other.” Love is a connection.

Not until we make the effort to tear away the paper, open the boxes, no, not until we make the effort to find Christ (to understand the mystery of His miraculous life) do we get the happiness inside.

The Wreath

No beginning and no end. Christ’s life is timeless. Jesus the Christ (Gr. Messiah) was with God when the earth was created, along with everything on the earth both visible and invisible. After the crucifixion He showed that He was still alive. Death did not destroy Him. He is alive today.

His disguises keep changing (John 21:14) but His personality never changes. He is funny, sarcastic, compassionate and demanding. There is no beginning and no end to His love.

The Music

Joy to the world; we can’t be silent! The news is too good! So we burst out in song. With harmony, melody, and lyrics, a chorus expresses the explosion of mirth in our hearts. And in this chorus we are, if only for the moment of song, united to each other, as always it should be.

The Food

What is life without food? As our souls are nourished by this joyous occasion, so do our bodies join in the celebration. Ah Christmas flavors; tongues and noses, tummies too rejoice together! I say rejoice!

The Bills

Love is a sacrifice. The commercial debt we owe is nothing compared to the debt we owe God, the Father. It’s significant that debt is part of this occasion. The world asks to be paid by work, Heaven asks for recognition and conformance to His image. Let’s pay up and be free!

The Point of it All

“For unto us is born this day in the city of David a Savior,  who is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11) Jesus, the Christ (Gr. Messiah) was sent to earth, with a pocketful of miracles, gifts of healing and wisdom to illuminate our path back to the Father God who is our Creator, and the source of our Life.

We were not created just to consume and die. We were created to become a part of the wreath of Life without beginning or end.

The infant Jesus is an illusion. The small and helpless disguise is deceiving. The gift is inside not out. The baby is a seed of a great tree. He is the Tree of Life that shines in the darkness.

He is the Tree of Life that heals us from the poison apple.

The Christmas tree, from the sparkling star on top, to the colorful wrapped gifts beneath is life in Christ.

As you light your Christmas candles, pause from time to time to consider how the light and love of Christ makes your world better every day.

And as you burn your candle let it remind you that to be a light in the world you must give up some of your self. 

It’s worth it!

Merry 2,008th Christmas Day,

my aspiring immortal friend.