1. Spring Fervor


Yesterday I was digging in the dirt, struggling to breakthrough roots to get rid of undesirable plants or to relocate the ones I wanted to keep. It was a tough and dirty job. All sweaty and muddy I started cursing Adam who is to blame for this toil with the soil when suddenly I was transported by contrast to our new planet with the hope that there this curse would be lifted once and for all .

No sooner did I imagine loamy rich soil from which I could pluck out a plant as easily as I can pluck a ripe fig from its branch than it occurred to me that according to Gospler Luke that desirable destination lay within. I suppose he meant that we can feel the same way here and now, (happy, luminous, and loved) as we will there eternally. As soon as I got the chance I grabbed my pen to help me reach that inch or two beyond the length of my stretched fingers to discover that Pompeii buried not by time and soil but by the aspects of my life that darken the essence of the light-filled inner kingdom.

“Hello! Here I am! I found you!” I shouted with glee upon arrival.

“What do you mean you found us? We were never lost.” replied one of the resident fairies who keep the lights on and calls to me during the day.

“Well, you know what I mean. Maybe I should have said, ‘There you are!’ Today is Sunday again, the first day of the week. I suppose it is easier to come here on Sundays because so much less sacrifice is required for the journey.”

“Evangeline, if you are going to keep aspiring towards immortality you should come here more often. We miss you. Get used to this place. But better yet, study it and take us out with you when you leave. Do you think we like being cooped up in here all week waiting for those precious prayerful moments to be noticed? ”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I promise to come more often and to write about the beauties of this place and of all of the happy people here where no one is dead, and no one is troubled or lacks any good thing. I’ll write about the refreshing fountain of wisdom and the Tree of Life. That’s a terrific idea. This way I’ll come more often and I’ll be productive too!”

“You know Evangeline, I think you really have a hang up with productivity. Can’t you just relax and enjoy life!”

“Of course not! Time is too short, there’s so much to do! In fact, thanks for the good idea. I’ll be back, but I have to go run errands now.” Evangeline shouted as she rocketed back to the surface.

The little fairy pondered out loud, “I’m not so sure I know what she means about time being short. Does anyone else here understand the concept of time?” then the little fairy flashed a bright dimpled grin that endeared her to all the other fairies in that part of the Kingdom.