A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in the land of God there lived a young princess who was surrounded by fairies day and night. The fairies protected her from all harm and she lived blissfully in love with God. She laughed and sang and read stories. When she would go for a walk, even when she ventured outside of the land of God the fairies would hover beside her. Whenever anyone or anything that may have had bad intentions came near her the fairies would buzz around that person or thing and make such an aggravating sound that the annoyance of it all made the evildoers give up and walk away.

One day the princess thought to God that she wanted the fairies to stand back so that she could suffer and with that suffering show God that she would still love Him. Maybe, she thought, if she suffered God would love her even more and send her treats. God granted her wish and almost instantly she was overcome with pain in her groin. The pain was severe and she tried to pretend that it wasn’t there so she could continue to do all of the things she adored.

Weeks before, the princess had been invited by another princess to a story-party. She had been so happy about the invitation that to be a good guest she prepared day and night reading about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, whom she didn’t care about at all. But alas, on the evening of the party which was also the evening of her answered wish, the princess was suffering greatly. She tried very hard to ignore her companion of pain as she began to walk to the party without her fairies. The truth of the matter was that her fairies were only a little farther away than usual. While walking, the sad princess could not continue to ignore the pain and was forced to turn back.

Lying in bed the princess thought how very foolish she had been to seek suffering but she did what she intended to do which was to praise God while in pain and told Him how very much she loved Him. She no longer sought any treat except the disappearance of the pain. The princess also told God how very sorry she was that she thought she could love Him better while she suffered. She knew God did not want her to suffer which was why the fairies surrounded her.

Then the princess fell into a very deep sleep. She dreamt about children, lots and lots of children swimming in the sea all around her. The water was muddy but she could always touch the bottom or get there with a big wave. When they all washed up to shore she could see the children better. There were hundreds of them in different colors and ages all laughing and playing.

When the princess awoke, the pain was gone, but she felt very weak. So she asked for the fairies to return. She also promised God that she would never ask for suffering again. God smiled. The fairies too were relieved to hear the princess talk that way and they all lived happily ever after.