Hear iT

This whole journey of exploration to the inner kingdom of God started after Eastertime when my Boss had given me the assignment to liken Lent to the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt to the Promise Land. Only the chosen people would be aspiring immortals traveling from the Crucifixion to the new earth as described in Revelations, the place we will go to when Jesus returns for us where even our bodies will be new and immortal.

Even though it seemed pretty backwards to start Lent with the Crucifixion, I was settled by two good reasons. The first one was that it made so much sense since the death of the son of Pharaoh was the big dismissal bell that rang so the Jews could leave slavery just as the death of the Son of God was the dismissal bell that rang for aspiring immortals to leave sin and death. And secondly, I was relieved that so many saintly immortals made the same comparison which my Boss kindly showed me in The Great Lent by aspiring immortal, Alexander Schmemman.

So, I started Lent with the Crucifixion and through my beloved characters Ben, Asa, and Zeporah I made my way to the new earth! Landing on the new earth after that long and sometimes grueling journey was such a thrill that I hated being forced to return to this old earth with its old conflicts and all the blind and deaf people who are not even aspiring immortals acting so arrogant and the obstacle course that keeps throwing most of us back so many miles in our real Exodus journey to the new earth.

Then, I read in Gospler Luke’s booklet that Jesus said the kingdom of God is within! Of course I had known that for as long as I can remember but this biting yearning to be there seemed relieved by the possibility that I could be there now! Right now, right here and now! So I wrote a couple of fanciful pieces where I was going there to the kingdom of God inside. They were fun, especially the piece about meeting my mother which I wrote on Mother’s Day to honor her.

My Boss would not let me stay on that path because it wasn’t totally truthful (no fairies). He insists on Truth and I agree with Him. Our deal is that I can be creative but I must always be truthful. Since I am always afraid of getting fired, I had to find my way back without embarrassing myself too much. I was lucky to be sent to Scotland where I could be given a real live glimpse of a land where light is abundant and people few just as in the real kingdom of God. I deeply appreciated this dose of reality, especially at this time when I am truly looking for the real live kingdom of God within that is not a figment of my imagination.

I know the kingdom of God within is real and True because my Boss lives there and He talks to me, and He does me terrific favors that often involve amazing timing or coincidences. One such event was when we had arrived at the Edinburgh airport and took our sweet time getting the luggage because we were so fascinated by all the different whiskies and cookies along the way. A little voice told me to speed it up and when I reached the baggage claim a man was putting my luggage on his cart to take back to his office! If I had been a minute later I would have had to wander around the face of the airport wasting precious Scottish time.

Because this is just a blog, and not another book I must stop writing now. I leave you with the promise that we will explore the kingdom of God within aspiring immortals like you and me but that it will be all true...even if it is presented in a fanciful way. I know that because I hear it with my heart which is very real.