Simple Addition

My Dear Theophilus,

To say that this last week has been extraordinary would be like telling you that the discovery of penicillin was merely extraordinary. It was very much more than ordinary. It was consciousness-raising; it was cataclysmic; it was phenomenal! Yes, that's it. I want to tell you about my phenomenal week.

I'm afraid that if I don't quickly write the amazing things that I learned then they will eventually dissipate; oceans of knowledge will evaporate into puddles to be trampled by the crowds until my own muddy feet would be all that's left. When I tell you that I know how the world began and why, you must believe me because I was there. Yes, it's true. Two weeks ago, I was walking through the woods, contemplating and praying when I began to think seriously about nature and then creation. My long-held skepticism of the Biblical story directed my mind to the other theories. This train of thought came to a halt when I decided to challenge God to tell me outright. I believe God exists; He has made Himself obvious to me in so many ways, so I asked Him, who clearly knows, to tell me how the earth began. Not great Moses, nor holy Saint Matthew, but little me. No sooner did those thoughts enter my mind when I was suddenly enveloped by a bubble. As I was being scooped up into this bubble I invited the first person I saw to climb in with me and the two of us were transported in time to creation week. I was there my dear Theophilus. I was physically transported to the beginning of time!

Theophilus, I know you to be alert and sensitive. Among all my true friends, I can entrust you with what I am about to write. There must be a reason that I was exposed to this phenomenon and the knowledge it conveyed. I am so overwhelmed that I don't know if I can contain the light and continue to live in this mortal body of mine. That's why I must tell you and ask you to use your best judgment about how to spread it. More than ever, I am convinced that this planet of ours is a place of illumination, decision making, testing, and preparation for life on a planet so perfect and so incorruptible that neither divisiveness nor time can exist there. That's the gist of what I learned. This knowledge did not come in a straightforward way but as the sum of seven days of awe. Oh, Theophilus, I was wrong. Yes, I must admit that I was wrong to doubt the Biblical story because that's exactly how it went. To live each day of marvel revealed the brilliance of God in a way that neither Moses' words nor mine can adequately convey. Enough preface, let me get to the heart of what must be taught to the world.

  • 1. Before time, pitch-black darkness and void characterized space in which already existed wind, water, and spirits. The leader of these spirits, Whom we call God, projected "light" from Itself. That light caused anti-darkness. Light and darkness could not co-exist. The light would come and go to give the darkness opportunities to re-present itself. The repetition of light and darkness was evenly distributed, each cycle created one unit of time. There was no sky; imagine that if you can. There was no physical limitation, neither universes nor galaxies for either the light or the darkness. There existed only wind, water, darkness, spirit, and suddenly a finite period of light.
  • 2. The repetition of light followed by darkness was called time. One unit of time, called a day, begins in darkness and ends at the culmination of the period of light. When the sky (i.e. universe, galaxies) was created, during the second unit of time, the cycle of darkness and light had been established and was finally contained in a physical place. Remember there was still no sun, moon or stars. The light continued to be sourced by God, the intelligent Spirit. Now the light was projected in a sky.
  • 3. Before the sun was placed in the universe the planet earth came into existence. That should give scientists something to think about. To show that this God and His own light are more fundamental than the sun, trees and plants came into existence before the sun which we thought required the sun for photosynthesis. They require light which is not necessarily generated by the sun. Theophilus, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to understand the primal nature of water and light, for they are much more than we once thought.
  • 4. Darkness hides; it promotes feelings while light reveals and thus promotes knowledge. Most emotions: fear, anger, sorrow, even joy are strongest in the darkness of a dearth of knowledge. In light of more information, most feelings evolve into peacefulness, stillness. Light, not the sun necessarily, is a powerful agent of good. Truth resides in light. Knowledge brings peace which is why the world must know what I learned.
  • 5. After the planet earth came into being, then did the sun, moon and stars. The old-earth theory has substance! If the scientific community dates the earth to the creation of the sun, it is wrong. However, when the sun replaced the God-generated light time as we know it began. Time is the product of the cycle of light and darkness. The sun is the source of light that we see.  

Oh, I want to tell you that I became invisible! It was very odd. Even though I was invisible I could see. Since I didn't have eyes, I suppose that I could see the light with my inner eye. That was most unusual. The first light that I saw with my inner eyes filled my mind and my heart, it was spacious and bright and warm. The light was blue and white and deep, very deep. I felt so calm but joyful. Oh sadness, I can't adequately describe that light. Inasmuch as that light came forth from God as did life, i.e. animal life, human life, plant life, then it stands to reason that all life is instilled with the same elements as light, not the sun light. Some men know this and can see the inner light of life. I cannot, but I know it is possible. Perhaps someday I must learn how to see that light again. I don't believe the sun annihilated the first light.

Theophilus, I want you to know that I learned during this immensely dangerous event that if I believed that God would protect me, He would, and if I were to believe that He wouldn't protect me He wouldn't. My companion became quite nervous at times. But I knew intuitively that God is so gentlemanly that He allows the person to inform their relationship. This God imposes Himself on no one. Oh forgive me, I call God a man because He initiated birth as men do. I know He is genderless, of course!

  • 6. I understand now that the land of immortality will exist when time is vanquished by the absence of darkness. There will be no need for the sun because the first light which God projected forth at the beginning will be presented in full force, and if there is a sun, that light will outshine it. The absence of a cycle of light and darkness will eliminate time. But it will not eliminate life because life is imbued with the elements of light. We do not need darkness as we need light.
  • 7. Image and likeness. What is humanity? The image of God is not physical. It resides in our imaginations; it is our ability to think and to speak as God thinks and speaks. To be divine is to use the inner eye of the spirit. God is spirit and humans are spirit-based. Likeness relates to the character traits of God. Put simply, God is good. All that we know to be good: for example, loyalty, tolerance, love, truth, and peace are the characteristics of God that each and every human being embodies because each person is made to be like God. Surely we know this when we see babies. Babies are purely good.
  • 8. Evil is nothing more than a virus or a parasite. It can only feed off of good. It does not exist on its own. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil did not have some good fruit and some evil fruit. It was a metaphor for this parasitic action. To the extent that a human being does NOT resist the goodness-eating parasite, that person invites into him or herself the opposite of good: for example, betrayal, intolerance, hatred, falsehood, enmity. A person who refuses to lie, or hate or cheat et cetera can maintain the image and likeness of God.
  • 9. I was amazed to see that the only way it was apparent that Adam and Eve ate of the fruit was that they suddenly became rather self conscious. They hid their nakedness by covering their genitals. I saw in them a self focus that I didn't notice was lacking before. This change of mind of theirs made me realize that turning one's attention on one's self is evidence of the presence of that virus, of receiving evil. Pride doesn't just come before the fall, it follows the fall too!

This my dear Theophilus explains why in this very old world where humankind knows the fruit of the knowledge of evil-eating good, why in this world each person is allowed, one by one to nurture the parasite, or to resist the parasite. Of course we are not always conscious of this just as we are not conscious of the moment we caught a virus. Each person who lives in time, where darkness and light separate one from the other, but where evil and good comingle, is offered the opportunity to live, truly live, outside of time in a place of parasite-free, illness free light. Jesus Christ healed because, like no one else, before Him or since, He understood how to extract the parasite, the virus that corrupted the body of the ill. He could restore to life because He knew the principles of light that imbue life. Just as light and darkness cannot co-exist, some day good and evil will no longer comingle. As darkness disappears so will the opposition of evil. The peace of unity will ultimately prevail; we must be patient.

During this time I had a dream in which intelligent life was divided into levels. 1) animals of the five senses, 2) the lower mind where some thought-action takes place, 3) the higher mind where much more profound thought takes place, 4) the soul which combines the mind and the heart in an individual, and finally 5) the spirit, which is supra-intelligent, distinct but less autonomous (this one I admit I don't understand very well.)

In closing, I want to say that I could never adequately convey the transformation I have experienced through this phenomenal journey. However, I know that the sum total of the week is that I must cling to the light and likeness with the image that has been bestowed upon my human frame so that I may live in the place without the darkness of time. From the bottom of my heart my dear Theophilus and friend of mine, I hope we will reside there together.

With affection and empathy,

Your eternal friend,