2. Becoming Human – A New Christmas Story - Part Two of Five

A tale of two aspiring immortals who ride in a bubble upon prayers headed to God, to visit Him before He becomes human at Christmas.

I never realized how tricky riding on a prayer could be! This is a bumpier trip than I ever imagined. Are you okay? It’s getting so dark and cold. Are you whimpering? Oh please, don’t worry; we’ll be fine soon enough. Come closer and let me hug you. I didn’t know that we would have to travel through such a large expanse of darkness. I suppose God is so hard to find because stubbornly enduring difficulties yields the kind of faith that can destroy parasitic evil.

Oh! Here I am philosophizing when it’s only that being invisible troubles you. I’m sorry; I should have warned you. But how else could we fit? Isn’t it wonderful how we feel the presence of each other, and how we can communicate without material bodies! See how spiritual we are! I like this nifty little bubble!

Seriously, it’s important to be invisible because as we get closer to God you should know that we will not be able to see Him with our eyes either. Remember, it wasn’t until Christ was born that God had a body.

The bubble containing our two aspiring immortal friends careens through space passing shooting stars and star showers. After the bubble and prayers plow through a long pocket of turbulence the ride becomes smoother. The bubble finally enters light filled space.  

Look I see light over there!  Oh joy! The warmth will melt your fear away. Let’s go! 

Pal, you’re squeezing me too hard! Okay, okay, I know you’re happy; so am I. How magnificent! It really is as blue as the sky on a spring day, just as I imagined.

Once in the light, the prayers surge ahead, leaving the bubble behind to bounce around in its quake.

Wow! This is amazing; much more gorgeous than I ever imagined.  Oh my, this place so crowded. Who are all of these spirits?

“Welcome, we have been waiting for you. We are the angels that serve in God’s throne room. I am Gabriel sent to greet you. Allow me to release you from your bubble.” With that our bubble burst and we poured out like the aroma of a stew simmering on a cold winter’s night.

Hello, I had forgotten about angels. I thought we were coming to see God. Where is He?  

While waiting for Gabriel’s reply a sensation of extreme excitement came over us. I sensed God approaching, when the quote, ‘Ask and you shall receive’ instantly came to my mind. If a spirit can fall on its face that’s exactly what my companion and I did.

“Oh, Lord! We are your humble servants.” We sang in unison, the faces of our souls turned downward to avoid the blinding light of His presence.

God said, “I have called you here to help us prepare Jesus the Savior to become human. Since all of My chosen people Israel are captive in Hades, I decided to bring you aspiring immortals from earth to talk to my precious Word, about embodied life, particularly about being an infant. This will be a most fascinating experience for Us.”

I found out later that at that moment Christ Jesus was being conceived in His mother’s womb.