4. Becoming Human – A New Christmas Story- Part Four of Five

To visit God before He sent His Son to earth was to be at the pinnacle of human existence. God wanted me to help Him prepare to become human. I think He was as excited about Christmas morning as a three year old boy. He was finally going to receive His wish.  His present was a baby’s body and a mommy and daddy of His own. Imagine that, God having someone to take care of Him, what a colossal flip!

We were shrouded in silence as God contemplated the dangers ahead. Dangers from the body becoming the task master of the soul, dangers from the limitations and vulnerabilities of the flesh. He was never concerned about illness, but rather about being constrained.  I think when Christ walked on water and multiplied fishes and bread, and when He was illuminated on Mt. Tabor, He felt fully alive because He was allowed to break-out, albeit temporarily. By then He was older and accustomed to His body. By then, He had become so frustrated by the weakness He saw in others, in His disciples, in everyone around Him that He pleaded for permission to show the powers mankind was created to embody.

But I have careened too far into the future. None of that has yet occurred. This was the moment when God contemplated the discomforts of infancy, of not being able to help His mother. Indeed of being a burden to her as she travelled on a donkey’s ass to Bethlehem. Some things couldn’t be helped.

In that silence I thought about how awful it would be for God to be at the mercy of foolish secular and religious political powers. To observe humankind in all of our contrivances to own and to shine, to rule others and to struggle for food and shelter, moments of peace and calm, yes to observe us in our daily activities of life is one thing, but to enter the fray will be brand new.

What could I say to prepare Him for this journey, for His mission of mercy?

“Lord?” I said to break the thought-filled silence between us.

“Yes, My child, what do you want?” God replied.

“Let me tell you the very best thing about having a body. HUGS!! Oh God, hugs are wonderful! I hope you get plenty of them!”

I saw in my spirit a big grin growing on God’s shining Spirit face.

So I went on, “and dancing, and running, and the sounds of music and singing. Oh Lord, the joys of human flesh must outweigh the suffering of all the human constraints. And FOOD, oh Lord you will absolutely love eating! All five senses that you gave humanity are filled with wonders anew, delights unimaginable! Be prepared for pleasure Lord! Joy you know, but pleasure will be new to you. It will be hard to leave this flesh of Yours when the time comes.”

To show me how silly and maybe even worthless I could be to Him, God gave me a spirit hug that was greater than any arm-ful hug I had ever received. God’s hug had all of the elements of a good hug, the warmth of heart, the giving of self, the hearty squeeze but without arms? Fancy that?

“I must send you back now.” He added to the hug. “Thank you my dears, even you, the little silent one. I know you have been there all along.” The time is coming for my Son’s birth. Go back into your bubble before it’s too late to enjoy Our birthday. I love you.”

Climbing back into my bubble tears welled up within me as I wondered if I had been any help at all. I would never know. How could such a glorious moment end? It felt as if the sun had vanished.

“Do I hear you crying pal? Come closer. I think the best is yet to come. Bubble, let’s go home quickly; it’s almost Christmas!”