A Thanksgiving Prayer

Even though these hundreds of years have passed since the pilgrims first gave You thanks with a similar feast and with such joy and relief in their hearts, we here thank You still for protecting and providing for that brave remnant who suffered so much to come to this land and to set up home here where they could worship You as they saw fit. We thank You Lord still for the Indians who helped the settlers so much.

Thank You for guiding this wild and barren country through the centuries to become the great nation it is today, a source of marvelous inventions in so many fields from electronics to medicine, and a land of the brave and generous who give of ourselves in so many ways to free others from political, religious, and financial oppression. Thank You for Your part Lord in making the America of those pilgrims free and great, the land of opportunity and our home.

Thank You for love and forgiveness, for our family, and our dearest friends, You who orchestrate our lives and bring people together for Your purposes. Thank you for bringing us together today.

Thank You for forming and strengthening the hands that have labored to bring us this feast. Those here among us who made these scrumptious looking foods, and those behind us, the farmers, the truck drivers, the grocers, the recipe writers, who also had a hand in this feast. Thank You.

Finally, thank You God for being the source of all that is good and beautiful. Let’s eat.