Pray and Fast for America

September 29th marks the beginning of the 40 day period before our National Election. In the Judeo Christian tradition 40 is the measure of time for key biblical events.

It began with the 40 days of rain in which only Noah and his family were saved from global devastation. Later, Moses was with God on the mountaintop for 40 days to receive the Ten Commandments. This occurred twice. After the first attempt Moses fasted for 40 days to beg God not to destroy the people for worshipping an idol. (He didn't.) Moses returned for another 40 days and another set of Tablets. Israel wandered through the wildness for 40 years before reaching the Promise Land, and King David reigned over Israel for 40 years. Joshua reconnoitered the land for 40 days before the Israelites entered, and finally, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness before beginning His mission. Because of the significance of the forty day period the Christian Lenten period is forty days before Easter.

40 HOLY days
before the new world,
before receiving the Ten Commandments,
before entering the promise Land,
before beginning Christ's salvific mission, and
before celebrating the Resurrection.

Fasting from foods is a type of prayer booster. Fasting tells God how much we care about our requests. Fasting puts our 'skin in the game'. Growling stomachs get God's attention.

This is why I invite my FB and blog friends to join me in fasting from now to November 8th. Let's pray that God's mercy and (good) will for this country be done. Your personal fast may be as long or short, intense or easy as you want it to be. Let your own conscience be your guide.

The powerful Archangels Gabriel and Michael await us on November 8th, cheering us on every step of our way to that crucial day in America's history. By a wonderful coincidence, the Orthodox feast of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael just happens to fall on November 8th too.

So let us keep our eyes fixed more than on the earthly stressful campaign period, fixed on Gabriel, the messenger of Good News and Michael, the militant angel who combats evil with his super-powers like no other.

Let's act like the army of the Lord that we are. Let's get to work. Each and every one of us focused on combatting the divisiveness that has plagued our country. Democrat, Independent and Republican join each other to pray for the demise of the DIABOLO, the divider, pray for the unity of this nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.

"America America, God shed His grace on thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea."