No. 86 - Soldier Up

86 soldier up.JPG

Be dressed for action, and have your lamps lit. Luke 12:35

To take these Marks to heart; to think about them between readings, and to practice obeying these wise Fatherly commands, is to dress ourselves for the action of transforming from mortal to immortal, from child-of-man to child-of-God.

To be dressed for action is to be ready to meet Jesus in the air when He returns to take us to His new earth, that heavenly homeland.

Right now I am wearing my work-out clothes because after writing this, I will go to the gym. Neither pajamas nor evening gown would do. Dressing for the occasion is key. All day and all night long, we may want to go to heaven and live happily ever after with the Holy Trinity, but if we aren't dress for action, and have our lamps lit our desires have no teeth.

Lit lamps remind us of the virgins with their oil. This Mark advises us to be both dressed (in righteousness) and equipped with light. Having the right tools is just as important as beings properly dressed. The Bible is a lit lamp because it helps us to see in the darkness, so we don't stumble or fall.

If these Marks sound repetitious, it is only because Christ wants to pound them into our consciousness so that we are joined to Him as a nail joins two pieces of oak.

Does it make sense that He would give us all these commands, these Marks, and not really mean them?

Ready or not, here He comes!