No. 75, When Black is White

75 salvador-dali-painting2.jpg

But turning and looking at His disciples, He rebuked Peter (who rebuked Jesus for talking about having to be killed) and said, “Get thee behind me Satan! For you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things. Matthew 8:33

Like this Dali, God is incomprehensible. We must therefore shoot at this Mark blindfolded.

A mere mortal would wonder if Jesus over-reacted by calling His friend Satan. That wasn’t very nice, or meek, or kind. But from His point of view, it was tough enough to have to be killed; to face this holy murder without support from His friends was too much. Jesus was so focused on His mission that the notion of disputing it was unthinkable.

After times of intense suffering, I look back with gratitude for the experience of having to be so dependent on God’s help, and for experiencing His fatherliness and ultimately for seeing His Wisdom.

Divine things are radically different than human things.  This command tells us to force open the rusted doors of our minds. When we cling to God, we are clinging to a Divine Mystery. God’s Will is unfathomable for those cling to human things like health, wealth and happiness, and for whom physical death is the ultimate evil.

Separation from the body is insignificant when compared to separation from God, from serving and loving Him and obeying Him. So why are we so shocked by death and murder? We should be more horrified by the mortal disease of those all around us who don’t believe and who don’t worship.

The holy words, ‘May Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ give God license to use His divine baton when it comes to orchestrating the affairs of humankind. And it makes us have to trust whatever His Will chooses to do, even when it doesn’t make sense, like good-Jesus being killed on a cross. The Crucifixion isn’t the only seemingly nonsensical decision God made, He has hoards of them.

Peter was indeed talking like Satan when he refused God’s will. Let’s face it; we haven’t got a clue about what is ultimately good and what is really evil, no matter how much of that fruit we eat.

Aspire to Trust Him.

Become resurrected.