No. 69. Demons and Friends

69 chemo1.jpg

I was sick and you took care of me. Matthew 25:36

What evil demon enters to disrupt and destroy this perfect human body, more complex than mathematics, more intricate than fine lace, more rhythmic than suns, moons, and planets making time, more harmonious than symphonies? How dare corruption cause such pain and suffering of us small gods? Why does this temple fall into such corrosive disrepair? What purpose illness; whose fault disease; or could this be rather a grand waste that afflicts flawless creation, meaningless and void? Impossible!

This shouldn't be, this mustn't be. Where is the medicine more powerful than malevolence come to rescue me? What baptism will restore? What exorcism will purge these demons once and for all?

Who will annihilate this violator of human dignity and remove the carcass of it from our midst, and finally ...when? When will a friend bring me candlelight or starlight to dispel this darkness? Who will come to soothe, nurse, heal and restore this holy temple of mine? I need Other. I crave help. Healing is never a solitary affair.  From whom, from where doth my pentecost come?

Look! Do I see a light-bearing brother drawing slowly towards me? Succor has arrived!  Rejoice my soul, the body will be comforted, rejoice my soul the body will be healed. And she takes my hand and walks with me barefooted slowly down this rocky path back to created perfection. Healing is indeed a communal affair.

Let us be forever more, healer and healed, comforter and comforted united in the victory of eternal health in the kingdom of God and until then, in the medicine of compassion!

"Then the king will say to those [comforters and healers] at His right hand, 'Come you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’"

We have made it!