No. 40 Marching Orders

40 marching-orders.jpg

Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As you go, proclaim the good news, 'The kingdom of heaven has come near.' Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment, give without payment. Take no gold ... Matthew 10:7-9

Do I hear you shout, "That's not fair! This Mark is not meant for us average Aspiring Immortals! How can we be expected to cure the sick and raise the dead? Evangeline, you have it all wrong this time. This Mark was addressed specifically to the disciples who were given special powers."

"We wouldn't dare enter a synagogue in the 21st century and proclaim Christ as the Messiah, with His gift of eternal life. That would be disrespectful. Besides, we can't cast out demons, not even little ones or even raise an ant from the dead. Evangeline, quickly move on to the next Mark before you lose me."

Evangeline sits in her chair calmly waiting for the hysteria to subside, then replies, "There is one God and one reflection of God expressed in His commands, which is the Mark. The Mark is there for all to hit or sin. Fret not, we can hit this Mark with obedience!"

Speak to Jewish people who are still the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. Respect God more; simply proclaim the good news.

Cure the sick with wisdom and modern tools God gives us. Cure with prayer.

Raise the dead in spirit even if you can't raise their bodies, knowing that one day that person's body will also be raised from the dead too, just as yours will be.

Cleanse the lepers. Cleanse the severe loneliness of the leprous condition, the outcast diseased, the ugly, or the morbidly obese. Cleanse them with your friendship and watch them blossom.

You have the power to cast out demons, use it! Some demons shrivel up with neglect; others dissolve in the presence of holiness. The strongest can only be annihilated by prayer and fasting. Do it.

Make sure you do it all without accepting money or its counterpart: glory, or even in expectation of a smile or gratitude in return.

There is no Mark that you cannot hit if you want to enough. Remember, we aren't just trying to make it to Tahiti; we are desperate refugees who risk our lives and our egos to become citizens of the kingdom of God.