No. 38 Fear

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Do not be afraid. Matthew 8:26, Matthew 10:31, Mark 4:40; Mark 6:50; John 14:27

Do not let your hearts be afraid when people come after you to hurt you, do not be afraid when you have no money or job, do not be afraid when you see Jesus walking on water in a storm. Do not be afraid when he extends his hand to you to come out of the boat with Him. Even though I have never seen anyone walk on water, I have seen aspiring immortals be that brave. I have seen them make God smile.

Remember, someday, maybe tomorrow, we aspiring immortals will have to fly to meet Jesus in the air. We mustn’t be afraid on that day or we won’t make it. That would be a shame. That would be like the virgins with no oil who waited all that time and in the end weren’t ready.

Practice fearlessness. You will need this mark; there is no doubt about that. Even if you are not among the aspiring immortals that fly up from earth to meet Jesus in the sky, then certainly you will want to be fearless on your deathbed. Who wants to die too be brave? When it’s time to go, pray that you will be alert. Lift your head high and try to hear the angels beckoning you.

Practice fearlessness. Be brave when you have lost your job, or when someone you love falls ill, or when your beloved leaves you, or when your enemy prevails …temporarily. Trust God with all your heart and might. This is how to practice fearlessness. This is how to practice walking on water.